About Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs

If you can ACHIEVE this much alone, How much MORE can we achieve TOGETHER


At A.Y.E we aim at success and development of Africa’s budding entrepreneurs through mutual networking, and with established captains of industry. We use conferences, workshops and motivational talks to share practical information on how to continuously improve implementation, development and management of business initiatives.

Lack of accurate knowledge and finance limits the growth of many home-grown entrepreneurs and stunts the development of Africa as a continent. A.Y.E brings learning, resources and business acumen to developing young entrepreneurs.


A.Y.E unites and empowers young entrepreneurs in Africa to network socially and financially, thereby developing a generation of outstanding entrepreneurs. Our collective intellectual capital develops market-leading businesses and networks, to play a key role in raising African prosperity.

Our business network is also committed to social entrepreneurship, by people who are passionate about addressing a range of social and environmental challenges, and by people inspired by our vision. With us you will find inspiring role models, powerful mentors, exiting new partners, social innovators, thought leaders, forward thinking investors and new friends in Africa.

Empowering & Showcasing Entrepreneurs across Africa